February News Letter

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Newbie Hits

January brought us some new members, one of which had some really nice hits in a few of our different breaks. AZCardAddict hopped in a 2013 Bowman Sterling case break that was ran as a 25 team random, and in the end walked away with a nice haul of cards. It is the way we love to see breaks go for new members!

Contests, and promos!

Live Group Breaks has a few different things happening right now. The first is a contest for a $50 break credit! The contest is based off of referals as well as joining in breaks. All of the details can be found in this link ( Together Moon and I also decided it would be worthwhile to start a Let's Give Back thread ( or Pay It Forward). If you decide to participate in this option you would have your name added to a list of other participants. When the list reaches 10 I will randomize it, and we will all take turns sending each other cards, memorabilia, supplies etc. All of the details can be found in this link . Live Group Breaks is also looking to encourage its members to show off their hits. A thread has recently been created where users can submit their Hit of the Month. After about a week has passed a poll will be added to the thread, so that other members can vote for their favorite hit. As of right now prizes will not be awarded for winning this contest, but you will have bragging rights, and it will be a fun way to see who has break mojo working in their favor.


There were quite a few breaks that took place in January, The first one was the first MMA break that Live Group Breaks was done. While I think we all enjoyed watching it being ripped open, a lot of us scratched our heads trying to figure out who was in what weight class. Here is a list of the hits that came out of our hobby box;
1.Heavywieight... Miocic Auto, Werdum /188, Velasquez /88
2. Womens Bantamweight... Davis Relic /88, Davis Auto
3. Middleweight... Philippou Relic /198, Carmont Auto Relic /249
4. Light Heavyweight... Te Huna Coin /25, Manuwa Black /25, Latifi /188, Villante /188
5. Bantamweight... Wineland Auto Relic /8, Faber Relic /198
6. Featherweight... Ogle Black /25, Ogle /188, Sung Jung /188
7. Welterweight... St. Pierre Mat Relic /108, Marquardt /188
8. Lightweight... Makdessi Auto, Cruickshank /188, Melendez /188
Right after the MMA break we got into a case of 2013 Bowman Sterling that was ran as a 2 box team random. Spots in this break started at $19.99. Then we got into a case of 2013 Bowman Sterling that was ran as a 6 spot divisional spots were $316 each, and the break filled very quickly.

Upcoming Breaks

Currently there are two sign ups available for upcoming breaks. The first is a 2013 Topps Museum Football that is being broken as divisional box breaks. This is a pretty cheap break to get you started if you are new to the site as spots are just $23 each. More details for this break can be found in this link . The other break currently filling is 2013 Topps Tribute Baseball Right now it is set up as a 25 team random with a spot fee of around $81.

As a way to help some members move cards on the site, A Razzle thread has been created. Members would need to PM HughConway to work out the details of the card(s) they want to sell. for all of the details regarding the Razzles including how to submit, or enter one please visit this link.
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Here are some of the hits we pulled out of our January Breaks


The site recently started a YouTube channel where recaps, and some breaks will be posted. Hopefully this will help us continue to grow in member size! If you would like you can subscribe to the channel by following this link It is a nice way to stay updated with recent breaks and hits.
It was also recently decided that we would starts using for our breaks. A few members were having issues with, and there is hoping that using will also help drive some new traffic to the site.

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News letter


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