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January 2014 News Letter

Hey gang we are looking to try something new here, so the idea of a monthly or bi-weekly news letter came about. The idea here is to give members an idea of what were are working on, what we are working towards, and maybe an idea of some of the bigger hits out of completed breaks. This is currently a "beta" project so any feedback is encouraged!

The history of Live Group Breaks and current statistics

So lets get down to the nitty gritty. Live Group Breaks currently has 244 members with 51 of them being listed as active (participates regularly on the board in discussions, or thread posts.) If you are one of the 51 yay for you! If not then fear not, you can always become more active! When I asked our fearless leader Moons to give me a little history about how the site got started this is what he had to say; "Our Group started on the old Topps Forums back in 2010 before Topps Forums switched to etopps Forums. When the Topps Forums closed Boylen started up our own site in February of 2011.
When we reaced the point where we wanted to add a live chat room we had to switch our Forum from php base to vbulletin and that is when we became and it was at that time I took over the reigns of breaking from Boylen. Scott (Moonscards) has done all breaks since then which was approx June of 2012.

The goal of our site has always been to break "New Release" Products at time of release, broke by an honest seller and shipped in the fastest, safest way possible. All serial numbered cards are soft sleeved while all #'d lower than /100 are top loaded as well. All hits (relics, autos etc) are soft sleeved and top loaded using either BCW or Ultra Pro soft sleeves and Cardboard Gold Top Loaders."

Breaks happening now

Right now the site is getting ready to host their first ever MMA break. It was decided upon because of the fairly low cost for a hobby box, and the relatively high upside for resale. Another hope was to drive more new membership with MMA being the fastest growing sport world wide. The break is set up to be a random weight class with 9 classes, and spots went for just under $20 each. If you are an MMA fan stay tuned for more of these types of breaks!

Another break that is currently in the process of being filled is a case of 2013 Panini Prizm Football as both 3 & 2 Box Divisional Random Breaks. With a 2013 Football sitting at such a low price right not its hard to say no to a $20-$30 2 & 3 Box Divisional Break. Spots can be taken on the following link:

Upcoming Breaks

Every month Live Group Breaks does a PC (personal collection) break, members sign up for the team(s) they PC and then participate in a monthly break where they get all of the cards pulled from their team(s). Currently We host a baseball and a football PC break, however expansion into hockey and MMA could be possible with enough interest. On average the site breaks about 4 cases a month so there are always options to get into a break at a variety of price points, and a variety or products.

Past breaks and hits

In the fairly short history of this breaking site there have been some extremely nice pulls. Lets take a look at some of the cards that made it to Live Groups Breaks "wall of fame"
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It seems like every break we have done has some kind of "mojo" attached to it! If you have participated in a break on Live Group Breaks, what was your best hit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpl0311
    I has been looking for a possible 2nd PC break option for those of us waiting in the wings for a spot to open. Another option is to allow members to alternate into the existing break in order to allow a greater participation in the PC break.

    Other than that, I have been extremely happy with the way things are done here, no drama which is best for all here. Keep up the good work. Will the newsletter be emailed out or will it be up to the individual to simply read the newsletter once on the site.
    The original idea was for me to post it on here, and then Moons would copy and paste it so he could email it out to everyone. I figure the blog is a good way for all of the members to communicate back and forth, while getting it in email doesn't really give you the option to voice your opinions or concerns.