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Get to know @bristolmarunde

This is an interview off of my blog httP:// there are a ton more interviews there so feel free to check them out!

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Bristol Marunde is a fighter out of Henderson Nevada, part of team Throw Down Training Center, and owner of Reign MMA who was recently named the Best Amateur MMA Fight Promoter in Washington State. Bristol how did it feel to win that award? " I was extremely happy because the competition is very stiff in WA for MMA promotions. I've worked very hard, and have had many sleepless nights building the company." What prompted you to start Reign Promotions? " I wanted a fight company that watched out for young fighters, and one that can blow fans away with the production value."

Bristol was recently on TUF 16 (The Ultimate Figher) as a contestant fighting for a contract with UFC where he was part of the top 6 fighters, until he was defeated by Neil Mangy by way of unanimous decision during the 10th episode. While you were on TUF what were some of the things you and the other guys did to fill your time? " We made a chess board out of shot glasses and athletic tape. We had a house tournament and surprisingly Julian Lane (the red mohawk) beat everyone and is a really good chess player." What were some of the stranger things that happened in the TUF house? " I would have to say the strangest thing was taking a dump for the first time on camera and being miked up.... very unsettling knowing someone is watching....." You also had to cut a significant amount of weight to get onto TUF after fighting at 205, 185 and finally 170 to be on the show what was it like to try and cut that weight and what were some of the techniques you used? " The first cut to 170 to get on The Ultimate Fighter was hard, because that was my first time ever making 170 since high school in 2000. I really had to be careful with my water, sodium, and carb intake for that big of a cut. I sat in the hot tub to sweat most of the 20lbs off."

You started wrestling when you were 10 years old and later moved to the cage, what influenced that decision? " My older brother the late Jesse Marunde pushed me into MMA stating that I had taken his best punches for years, now it was time I do it in the cage." What are some of the current goals you are working towards in your MMA career? " My goal has been the same and that is to be top 5 in the world. I have a long way to go, as I'm currently somewhere in the 40-50 range but the journey has been exciting..." To achieve your goal do you train hard all year round or is it more of a laid back approach until you have a fight scheduled? " I like to maintain a healthy standard year round. When I have a fight scheduled that's when I start to condition for it. A fighter can't be in fight shape year round, it would kill a man." So what does your daily training regimen consist of? " I usually train once a day and my day is either submission wrestling for MMA or its focused on take-downs. On days I don't do either of those I am working on the weight room becoming explosive and precise."

Your current record stands at 12-7 with a healthy mix of your wins coming by way of knockout, submission or decision, if you could fight anyone in the sport who would it be? " I'd like to fight Jon Fitch, I'd like to see if I could stop his take downs and out grind a grinder of his caliber." What if you could see any two fighters go toe to toe, who would they be? " I'd like to see Chuck Liddel come out of retirement and fight Forrest Griffin... I pick my training partner Forrest because he could grind Chuck out for the W." MMA is obviously a physically demanding sport do you think that is the hardest part of it or would you say it's more of a mental game? " You can't have one without the other. A 'head case' is worthless even with a super athlete body. I'd rather be a fat kid with a strong mind."

Bristol is not just a fighter he is also a family man married with one son, what are some things you did to deal with spending all that time away from them when you were on TUF? " It was horrifying being away from my family for 7 weeks on the TUF show. I hated it and it made me feel like a prisoner not being able to talk to them. I never want to be away for that long again." What are some ways you like to spend your free time in between your fights? " I stay busy with my 2 year old son who has more energy that I know what to do with. As he gets older our toys get cooler, we're working on mom letting us take him out on the ATV's..."

You seem to have quite a few tattoo's do any of them mean something special to you? " My brother Jesse Marunde died in 2007 and he was a world famous strongman placing 2nd in the 2005 Metrx World's Strongest Man, and I have a tattoo of him lifting an atlas stone in remembrance of him."

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So if you could be any super hero or villain who would you be and why? " I am definitely a good guy so I would have to be a super her that saves people. I would be Batman, he has it all. " some may say that you had a 'super hero' experience quite a few years ago when you found yourself in the media spotlight after you caught a rapist leaving your neighbors apartment in Bellevue. What was that whole experience like? " It was a scary situation because as I chased this big unknown guy down the street I didn't know if he had a gun or a knife. We stopped at the corner of a busy intersection, I head kicked him and knocked him down to the ground where I held him at 'fist point' while the crowd of horrified onlookers all dialed 911. Luckily the cops came fast, it started getting awkward as I realized I had no shirt, no shoes, and just a pair of shorts on..."

As one fun question what is the weirdest thing a fan has asked you to sign?

" I was asked to sign a ladies hooha but politely declined. Plus she wasn't that hot...."


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