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  1. Get to know Bristol Marunde

    Get to know @bristolmarunde

    This is an interview off of my blog httP://athleteinterviewsviatwitter.blogspot.com there are a ton more interviews there so feel free to check them out!

    photo courtesy of www.bristolmarunde.com
    Bristol Marunde is a fighter out of Henderson Nevada, part of team Throw Down Training Center, and owner of Reign MMA who was recently named the Best Amateur MMA Fight Promoter in Washington State. Bristol how did it feel to ...
  2. @ElliotJohnson9

    Elliot is SS/2nd baseman for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays he is one of several athletes I follow on Twitter for a little insight on the game from the view of a player. As of today he is batting .244 with 4HR and 28RBI. This is the Twitter exchange prior to the interview being sceduled.

    Only 140 character limit? RT @cjohnsonss: @ElliotJohnson9 Started a blog about interviewing athletes on twitter you want to be next?
    All of the interview questions were sent via DM on Twitter and ...