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    Looks GREAT !! Thanks
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    Thank You for the news letter!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpl0311
    I has been looking for a possible 2nd PC break option for those of us waiting in the wings for a spot to open. Another option is to allow members to alternate into the existing break in order to allow a greater participation in the PC break.

    Other than that, I have been extremely happy with the way things are done here, no drama which is best for all here. Keep up the good work. Will the newsletter be emailed out or will it be up to the individual to simply read the newsletter once on the site.
    The original idea was for me to post it on here, and then Moons would copy and paste it so he could email it out to everyone. I figure the blog is a good way for all of the members to communicate back and forth, while getting it in email doesn't really give you the option to voice your opinions or concerns.
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    Thanks guys, I have 8 other sets of questions out right now and 2 more confirmed that I still need to send questions to.
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    nice.... keep them coming
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    Very nice job Chad !! Thanks for making this part of our Forums !!