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08-04-2015, 11:44 AM
Hey Guys,

My buddy does this every year and some of you have been doing it with him for a couple years already. Here is the info for anyone that wants to join.

That time of the year again. NFL training camps have started. Football starts Thursday September 10th. This gives everyone a month to get in the contest. I will be taking sign ups until September 8th. This gives me time to put the spreadsheet together. You need to be paid to put a pick in. Each year I pay out immediately and it takes me months to collect hundreds of dollars. This year I have to stress to have your picks in by NOON on Sundays. Every year I say it and every year I let it go. It takes a lot to put the spreadsheet together so I have to have all picks in by NOON. If I did this on a website, you'd be locked out at Noon. I'd do this on a website, but I still have people who call me and txt me their picks, so I still do it manually for their convenience. Don't get knocked out because you forgot to put a pick in. I can't put a pick in for you. Yes....I know there are later games and a Monday game...... I send out the full spreadsheet by 1:00 on Sunday so everyone can follow along.

Rules are simple. Cost to play is $25. A few asked for the increase. It's only a few more dollars to enter, but we usually get 75 people in this, so it's a great pay out for someone. You must pick one team each week. If they win, you advance to the next week. If they lose/ tie or you forget to put a pick in, you are eliminated. You can only use a team once during the contest. The contest ends the last week of the regular season. Playoffs do not count. The last person standing wins. If you pick a Thursday night game, picks must be in by game time. All other picks are to be in by NOON on Sunday.

Any questions let me know. If you have friends or relatives that want to play, make sure I get an email address for them so they can follow along.

Bill House
31 Slosson Road
West Monroe, NY 13167

The pick 'em contest will start with Week 4 of the NFL season for those wondering. More info on that next month

08-04-2015, 02:52 PM
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